The Heart of the Nashville, Tennessee in 2 Days

Get a sneak peek of the cityscape through this Ghost Ballet art installation on the East Bank.    This interesting perspective was captured by my husband. 

We arrived in town around lunch time, so the first place we looked for was a little Vegan restaurant, The Wild Cow, my husband had discovered in his research and was one of a few he had at the ready during our stay.

After lunch, my daughter and I walked down the street and around the corner to find Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream where we sampled flavors such as Watermelon, Pink Grapefruit, and Wild Lavender.

After a satisfying lunch and dessert, we were ready to begin experiencing the heart and soul of the Music City. We made a short stop at the Parthenon in Centennial Park. It is a replica of the original in Athens and worth a little peak inside just to see the amazing gold statue of Goddess Athena.

Next stop was the intimate Bluebird Cafe where singers and songwriters debut some of their new songs and connect with the audience. Because we didn’t have tickets, we waited outside for about an hour and a half to ensure a seat.  Once inside, we were greeted by both the air conditioning and the talented artists. Both were refreshing! I wrote in more detail about our visit in another post. You can read about the Bluebird Cafe here.

The next day, we got up and headed out to Bicentennial Mall State Park. There are walls and walls of Tennessee history to explore which can take time if you want to see it all, and I did!

Amphitheater with Carillon Pillars. Bells play country hits on the hour. We heard an Elvis song. 

We visited RCA studio B where Dolly Parton began and spent some time on the East Bank of the Cumberland River where my husband captured this view. Nashville has a scenic skyline and, on this beautiful day, we used the walking bridge to get to this spot where you can see so much of it.

Many of the photos on this page and these two panoramic views above are courtesy of my husband’s photographic perspective. The one below was taken by an employee at the Opry.

Our final stop of the night was The Grand Ole Opry…

As you can imagine, we enjoyed the line-up, the comedy, the music, and the surprises. It has a feel and history that I sincerely feel you have to experience yourself to appreciate. See more here! We saw Crystal Gayle and The Oak Ridge Boys who were two of my mom’s favorites as well as the ‘Nashville’ television series star, Charles Esten. 

The next morning, rounding out our stay, we headed to the Ryman Theater where it all began. Beginning as a church turned theater, the Ryman was a subsequent home to the Grand Ole Opry before it was in need of much repair. In recent years, it has been brought back to life and offers a look back at the rich history of theater, country music, and Nashville itself.

Finally, we made a trip down Broadway, Nashville’s Honky Tonk Highway. As we strolled the street passing by each venue, it was like turning the dial on an old radio and discovering each new station, one song after another playing without end. We did take a walk the night before to get a feel for what it was like when “all the neon lights were bright on Broadway.” Then we bid NashVegas good-bye and began our journey home, or so I thought.

When Time Stands Still…

As we were headed out of town, my husband took a few unexpected turns that led us to an old church property, Glendale United Methodist. There embedded in the lawn was a stone labyrinth which I, of course, was thrilled to see. I have a deep-soul connection to walking labyrinths, and this is always a gift to me from my Sweet Love. A gift because he knows how dearly I cherish these quiet moments and also because he takes the time to find the extraordinary places and spaces in the world to share with me. Before I begin walking, I set an intention, ask a question, and simply feel gratitude for where I am right now. Suddenly, on this old church grounds, all was quiet and was a complete juxtaposition to the cacophony just a few miles away, a beautiful balance. 

At the Heart of Journey…

Traveling to the center of the labyrinth is symbolic of going to the inner rooms of my heart. Once inside, I have collected insights, inspirations, and treasures from this trip that I bring with me as I travel out and into the world. The beautiful things that life has to offer are mined from the heart, trinkets that mean so much me, things no one else can embrace in this same way. We make the journey uniquely our own with every step we take. 

with Love for the journey,
Before we left on our trip, my daughter and I read three books together from a series about an American Girl who dreamed of being a Country singing star.  I love these moments of laying side-by-side, reading, giggling, and creating memories for the soul. This is one of the songs the young girl wrote in the story, and this video was recorded in the quaint venue we visited, the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee.  Watch it here!