Something to Talk About at the Corner Cafe

When deciding to go out to eat, my husband usually makes a list of things he’s researched so we can go somewhere new almost every time. We usually look at the menu to see what it has to offer, but every once in a while, the atmosphere surprises us. We are never short on conversation, but we definitely take time to explore and share. This place gives new meaning to the phrase,

“If the furniture could talk.”

It virtually does! That’s what we experienced when we came to Ruth’s Corner Cafe. We were looking for a little something fresh and delightful, and we were totally delighted by the rich environment which truly gave us something to talk about as we read the chairs and were  prompted to engage in literal table talk.

Each setting is dedicated to a different genre or topic. 

A chair fit for a Prince!

Each table and chair has been thoughtfully and uniquely covered in a decoupage treatment plus some added adornment. 

This table leg was carefully covered in a rainbow assortment of gems.

In addition, there are walls lined with signage that gives pause, makes you think and, in some cases, prompts a giggle or two. 

This quaint little corner is filled with seat cushions used as pillow backs

It’s clear the owner of this diner, who is also the artist and designer, has an eye for whimsical decor. She has kept everything to a theme of not having a theme, while setting an intentional tone. Even the dishes are one of a kind pieces. Each bowl, plate, mug, and even the silverware, is different from customer to customer. 

This was my husband’s lovely summer salad with a strawberry vinaigrette.

Many items in the restaurant are for sale, including the chairs themselves! This was a lovely place to celebrate what we do each time we go out together… keep it simple, make it special, and let it be its own kind of unique and wonder-full! Thank you, Ruth, for making it a memorable lunch date. Visit Ruth’s Corner Cafe here.