Walking on Sacred Ground at Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

~John Muir~


Beauty is everywhere and it’s most especially easy to see while spending time in nature. We headed to Anderson, Indiana on this cool summer day to take a hike. No matter how much time you think it will take to make a trip through the woods, it always takes a little longer when you stop along the way to admire the surprises. And that is the first discovery that nature teaches us about life itself. Walk the path before you and remain open to what shows up along the way. 

I have read about the Mound Builders, the prehistoric Adena tribe, and I have stood here before, but when I arrive at these sacred grounds, I feel transported through time. The Adena have been remembered as the Mounds Indians, most notably due to the ‘earthwork’ structures they built around 160 BC for ceremonial purposes, mounds where they celebrated as well as studied the sky for directions, seasonal changes, and weather. There is signage that tells the story of these Mounds and what has happened on these grounds since. After spending some time exploring the Mounds, we began a 2.5 mile hike around this intimate park. 

Hiking with my daughter, journal in hand, just in case we find a cozy spot to sit and reflect. 

When everything is so green, the smallest amount of color stands out. These Spiderwort plants were low to the ground, but their perfect purple hue caught my eye.

(Tradescantia virginiana)

Everything is so lush and overflowing now because of the very wonderful abundant rain we’ve enjoyed this summer. This baby waterfall is the perfect size for little critters to get a drink on this summer day.


Of course, a summer hike is not complete unless we’ve spotted a butterfly or two…

Tiger Swallowtail

We stopped a few times to watch boats and kayaks make their way down the White River. Such a beautiful day and a good time to take a picture of my hiking companion. So grateful to be on this journey with him.

My photographer husband

We finally made it back around to the start of our walk and spent some time at the Sensory Garden, specially created for children to touch, feel, smell, and hear the sounds of nature from their perspective.

Sensory Garden Birdhouse

We had a wonder-full hike on a glorious day. Perfect temperatures, perfect company! Learn more about the Mounds here.