My Special Tea and Soul-Nourishing Ritual

I have long enjoyed sipping tea, one cup in the morning and, quite often, one before bed. I usually enjoy my tea warm, especially in winter months. Lately, however, I’ve been making a special brew which is simply my favorite tea over ice! I have one brand I love for a variety of reasons, the main one being that each bag comes with its own message and positive words of encouragement.

I love the vibrant colors of the packets and the variety of herbal teas that Yogi offers. So many different flavors with so many naturally healing ingredients. This one is green tea with blueberry and hibiscus.

First I steep my tea while I enjoy the wonderful, soul-nourishing message. I really do embrace the ritual of making my tea. Opening the package. Smelling the aromatic blends. Reading the message…reading the message again and letting it steep as well. I read this one again and even saved it for reading later.

I then fill my sweet pitcher with ice and pour my lovely tea over it which fills me with such joy! 

That’s it! So simple and yet so powerful. A few minutes in the morning and I have definitely done something to appreciate myself and honor my soul.

Sweetness comes in many forms. For me, these little invitations to relax, tune in, listen, and celebrate are something to look forward to and why I simply Love Life! For more information, nutritional facts, and flavors, visit Yogi here.

with soul nourishing self-love,