HeartMade by Hand

I had recently gotten a new purse, and I had no idea I was looking for accessories until I saw this uniquely designed trio. I knew the moment I saw the colors and design they were the perfect complement. When I received them by mail, I could see right away that they were beautifully handcrafted, lightweight, and elegant. I could also feel that they were lovingly created.

Designer Marilyn Lorusso, at Flutterby Gifts, is very thoughtful and intentional about her creations. Some of her products may be one-of-a-kind, but she also offers some duplicates. However, each one carries with it a piece of Marilyn and her personal attention, making it quite unique to me. As she establishes her online presence, her pages are beginning to showcase more than these accessories. She also offers a selection of uniquely handcrafted Washi Mosaics.

Two of my Washi Mosaics Handmade by Marilyn

I am Grateful for my Life and Loves!

Also, hanging on my bedroom door is what Marilyn calls a Grateful Heart ©. Through this creation comes the invitation for me to write a simple love note of thanks for someone or something in my life. Not only have I written it, but it is now on display for me to see and feel each time I walk through the door. It is such a sweet way to start the day! You can visit Marilyn at Flutterby Gifts.