We Loved Everything about Nada!

My husband likes surprises, so he drove us into the heart of downtown Indy to experience this little gem. I didn’t see a sign outside when we arrived and, once inside, Nada’s eclectic atmosphere had me wondering what kind of cuisine we would experience today. It wasn’t until I saw the menu that I knew we were at a non-traditional mexican-style establishment. 

We were continuing our anniversary celebration with a lunch date. I say continuing because, as with all the events of our life,  we are in constant celebration. It is because of this way of living that there is no seeming beginning or ending to focusing on the beauty all around us. This was a delightful invitation to be present to our precious time together.

The atmosphere was inviting and warm. The intimate lighting intrigued me. It was so different in each area of the restaurant. There were also many styles of seating…booths, small tables, and quiet alcoves, all beautifully decorated and uniquely lit. 








The restaurant was so beautiful, and we were served impeccably. The hostess, waiter, and support staff were attentive and went above and beyond to provide an excellent first visit. They answered questions and took our pictures, and even brought out an extra vegan taco for me to bring home for our son. Employees prepared our food with a high level of awareness and obvious regard.

I had this beautiful guacamole with fresh sliced veggies. The Jicama was especially sweet, fresh and crisp.


There a few items which are vegetarian and, if you ask, they are happy to prepare some vegan options. There are a few meals to choose from, so we chose the Taco Boxes. The idea here is that you can order a specialty taco meal with accompanying sides…

Avocado Taco with Chipotle Bean Purée, Pickled Cabbage, Pickled Red Onion, and Pepitas

Hongos~Balsamic Grilled Mushrooms, Guacamole, Black Bean Purée, Chihuahua cheese, Poblano Rice, and Pico de Gallo

Farro and Sweet Potatoes

We were served sweet little donuts at the end of our meal…

Homemade Powdered Donuts

Nada was a fun adventure! We truly enjoyed every aspect of our visit. You can find out more about Nada here.