My S’well New Water Bottle!

I love everything about my water bottle! I say that it’s new, but that not true. I’ve actually had it since Mother’s Day of last year. Each day I use it, I love it all over again, and it feels like a brand new gift. It even matches my lovely new purse! 

When I first received the bottle, I noticed the sweet colors. My husband told me that they picked it out because the name of the design is “Mother of Pearl”. Perfect for Mother’s Day! The bottle is whimsical, and it feels magical to me. I love toting it to both my Zumba and Yoga classes. Once I put water in it, the stainless steel design keeps it cold for 24 hours. I don’t usually have water left after my classes, but I do keep the bottle on my night stand, and the water is ice-cold the next morning. I have not used it to keep anything warm, but it is supposed to do so for up to 12 hours.

All is S’well

Though I love my bottle for the sheer aesthetics of it, I also love that S’well is a charitable organization with a vision. S’well has a mission to replace plastic water bottles with their designs. The company is also partnered with UNICEF in a campaign to provide clean water to those in need. Currently, they help to educate communities in Madagascar.

There’s just one more thing I love about my S’well new water bottle…I love it most of all because it was a gift from my Sweet Loves. Each time I use it, I remember how blessed and lucky I am! And that’s super S’well! Find out more about S’well by clicking here.  My family found my bottle and this design at Barnes and Noble.

Peace and S’wellness!