Thank you for visiting my space! This is where I reflect on the things I love about my life in images and words, snapshots and stories,         feeling deep gratitude for my life and my loves! 


Why Love Life 3×5’s?

Many years ago, after Gregg and I had our first date, he would often take pictures with an “old-fashioned” camera and then have the film developed. It took some time but, eventually, I got to see the printed pictures of sunrises, sunsets, the moon, and so much more through his eyes. At the same time, we were enjoying the music of John Mayer and one song in particular. When we began to be together every day, Gregg declared, “No more 3×5’s” recalling the title and lyrics of that song, because now we were enjoying these things at the very same moment and didn’t have to rely on pictures. What’s ironic about that is that we continued to take pictures of our daily experiences, capturing our memories to appreciate over and over again.

One night, while I was walking out of a grocery store and talking with Gregg on the phone, he was pointing out the stars from where he was, and I was looking up at the very same stars in the very same sky. Soon, a woman came up to me and asked, “What is the Big Event?” I told her I was looking at the stars and she soon began looking up. I realized in that moment how excited I was to be staring into the night sky, sharing it with someone I love, and these snapshots in the moving picture of life indeed are my ‘big events’. It’s not the size of the event or the size of the photo but how I feel about my life!

What I Focus on Expands…

Over the years, I have continued, more and more, to focus on the things I love. I so love life and, taking pictures, for me, is one way I stay present to the beauty of the moment. Looking back at them creates a special kind of magic. I appreciate things over and over and often, more deeply. The more I focus on what I love, the more I love what I am focused on.


and a Final Note…

I have taken most of the photos I will post on this site. However, my husband takes many photos that I will also share here, and he deserves the credit for inspiring me to look at things through the eyes of a storyteller over the years. I have developed a passion for tuning into the moment just by looking at the images he has collected. Also, there are times when my children or someone else will step in to take a picture here or there, especially when it is of both me and Gregg. I love sharing the lens of my perspective and also seeing through the eyes of others. I honor their presence in my life, and I will do my best to credit the photographers and love of my life on my journey.

Thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy your visit!